Powerful psychic reading tips

A powerful psychic reading can be an amazing experience. By working with a great medium or reader can help you to have a powerful reading. Also there are various things that can help you to have a great psychic reading. They include:

Prepare mentally

What made you to make an appointment of reading? Take your time and think of the questions you want to ask or the areas that you’d like to cover during the reading. The step can is even more important, if the session is with a spiritual medium.


It is very normal to be nervous prior to a reading. When you are relaxed, the energy flow in the session is greater than when you are nervous. Take some few minutes to relax before you start the session. You can talk to the reader or breathe in and out to help you relax. This is enough to help you relax.

Asking right questions

Questions like how, why, or what opens the door for exploration. These questions lead to in depth exploration of any issue you have. The reading will be more powerful if you use these kind of questions.


Energy is the main key to a powerful psychic reading. Keep the energy flowing all through the session. This is very important. Be open to all possibilities. Discuss the issues that that made you read and be open to the unexpected. Participate during the session to keep the energy moving.

Don’t set yourself up for disappointment

The medium may give you validating evidence but if you don’t hear about what you expected, you don’t believe. If most of the information is making sense, go with it. Sometimes during the session, things may not make sense but you’ll have to understand a moment later.

Take notes

Even if you have a good memory, make notes. You may not remember everything. Write down important things. Some points may not make sense during the session, even if they are insignificant write the down. They can make sense later.

Use a proper phone

Most intuitive and medium readers offer telephone readings. It is a great option for most people. To get a powerful reading use a land line instead of a cell phone. If you only have a cell phone, find an area where you can have a good reception.

Avoid distractions

Distractions will hinder a powerful psychic reading. To focus on the reading eliminate all distractions around you. For example no kids running around, ignoring calls, and many other distractions. If you have a psychic put your phone off. The reading takes its allotted time so be patient.

Don’t show up with hangovers

Don’t take any recreational drug in the 24 hours before your reading. The drugs may lower your attention and affect you negatively during the reading session. A good example is alcohol, cocaine and other harmful drugs.

Enjoy the session

A powerful reading should feel like a conversation with your best friend. Enjoy the experience. Get excited, ask questions and have fun out of it. If the session is boring within the first few minutes, you may politely ask the reader or medium to end the session and refund your money.


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