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How to Avoid Psychic Reading Scams

Getting a psychic reading can provide many benefits, besides being a fun activity to do at a fair, event, or on the weekend. Often friends will go together and enjoy having their cards read. But many psychics are not what they advertise. There can be many scams involved with psychics, and unlike other industries, there are no regulations in place. Anyone can declare themselves a psychic.

A psychic is “one who can see into the future”. Generally, it involves some supernatural phenomena that helps to add to the psychic reading. A psychic will use some means to help with the psychic reading. It may be tarot cards, palm reading, tea leaves, or using a ouija board.

Where the controversy may arise is if someone says that they possess clairvoyance, or can see into the future, when they really can’t. You’ll also get your tricksters who really have no idea how to read a deck of tarot cards, read your palm, use numerology, read tea leaves, or even how to use a ouija board.

In order to avoid a psychic readings scam you’ll want to look for a few qualities so you can trust that you are getting what you’re paying for.

Ask for references from family or friends. If they had success with their own psychic they may wish to refer them to you. This means that you have an authorized review of a psychic.

There are also many people who give psychic readings, such as tarot cards, but they aren’t actually psychic themselves. Often it is said that there is power in the cards. The cards will reveal the truth. The importance lies in the tarot card reader being able to understand what each card means. So, if you come across a tarot card reader, chances are that they’re fully authorized to do your reading, particularly if they admit that they’re not a psychic. This may also be the perfect sell, as most people don’t actually believe in psychics anyway.

Have you ever visited a website and had a popup window that invited you to a reading with a psychic? One should always be cautious, as a genuine psychic reading should be done in person, or at least through a two-way Skype call at the least. A psychic needs to be present to give an accurate reading.

The psychic will also charge a reasonable fee for their services. If they’re asking for something outrageous like $200 for one reading, you may wish to politely decline.

You may also wish to consider what you hope to get out of your psychic reading. Some people provide psychic services with the hope to entertain people, while genuine psychics may wish to provide a valid service. When you visit the psychic tent is there a lot of stereotypical gear in attendance? Crystal balls, green lights, scarves, etc? Not so genuine is it?

There are some instances where you hope to be entertained by your psychic reading, while other times you need genuine answers to your questions. In these instances you’ll want to carefully choose your psychic before proceeding.